Therapeutic Prostate Massage Versus Sensual Massage: Which Is Better?

The Differences Between A Therapeutic Prostate Massage And A Sensual Massage

There is a major difference between a therapeutic prostate massage and a sensual prostate massage. When you have a therapeutic massage performed, you are not trying to make yourself feel good sexually; you are simply trying to help eliminate the prostate related problems that you are experiencing. Most guys will not admit to having to have one of these massages done, because they feel that they make them appear less masculine around their partners.

During a therapeutic prostate massage, the person performing the massage has to massage the area deeply. You can choose to perform this massage on yourself, or have a medical practitioner perform the massage for you. The reason why you have to massage the area deeply is because you are trying to allow blood to flow to the area that was once stagnant.

When the stagnant area begins to fill with blood, then all of the semen that was built up around the prostate gland can be released. Along with the semen, bacteria and other toxins follow. Therapeutic massages can be a little uncomfortable and painful, because they are intended to flush toxins out of the body, they are not intended to simply help you cum and feel good while doing it.

What Is A Sensual Prostate Massage?

A sensual prostate massage is the exact opposite of a therapeutic massage. A sensual prostate massage is performed simply because you are attempting to explore your sexuality. You want to use this technique to see if playing with this area of your body feels good to you.

One thing that attracts men to wanting to give themselves a personal prostate massage is all of the stories that they have heard about erotic massages in this area. You see, the male prostate gland is a lot like the female g-spot, when this area is stimulated men can actually experience what a female experiences when she releases.

During a sensual prostate massage, you can choose to use your fingers or some type of toy that is designed for anal stimulation. You will apply pressure to the prostate gland, once you have reached it. The gland normally sits about two inches inside of your rectum. By applying a decent amount of pressure to the gland, and simply rubbing across it in a soothing way, you will instantly become aroused without even thinking about it.

The longer that you rub your toy or finger across the gland the more sexually aroused you will become. Now, once you release all of the semen inside of your body, you will not have a normal ejaculation session, instead your semen will come pouring out of the head of your cock. The orgasms that men experience from sensual prostate massages cannot be explained in words.

Rumors say that a prostate massage will give guys the same exact feeling that women have when they are orgasming. As a lady, I can tell you that I love to orgasm. The feeling of my juices pouring out of me, while I am basking in complete euphoria is bliss.