The Remarkable History of The Flesh Light

Flesh light| The Origin of An Incredible Male Masturbator| Who Is Steve Shubin?

The Story of The Flesh Light Male Sex Toys

Normally, when I am asked to write an article about the Flesh light male sex toys, I always manage to find something juicy and sexual to write about. However, I have received a lot of emails from guys and girls asking me to explain exactly what a Flesh light is and how it works. Well, guys and girls, I listened to your demands, so here you go, an article about what the Flesh light male masturbator toy is, who invented it, and a few random things about the toy tied into the mix.

The Flesh light is a special brand of male sex toys. These toys are also commonly referred to as male masturbators, because the main reason why they were made was to enhance male masturbation sessions. This special toy was designed by Steve Shubin. It is marketed by Interactive Life Forms or ILF for short.

The Flesh light was given its name because of its appearance, and the materials that were used to create it. Inside of the toy, you will find a flesh-like inner sleeve. The outer surface of the toy is completely covered in plastic, housing the soft flesh-feeling interior sleeve of the toy. The outer surface of the toy was designed to make the toy appear to look bigger than what it actually is.

I constantly have guys asking me how they are going to reach orgasm with one of these toys, because they fear that they are not physically endowed enough to use the toy. Well, the secret is out, the toy looks bigger than what its interior surface is.

The inner sleeves of the Flesh light toys are available in many different orifices. The toys can make you feel like you are entering into a tight pussy, a tight ass, or a wide open mouth. Basically, what it all boils down to is the way that you want to feel when the toy is employed. If you want to feel like you are fucking a ladies pussy, there is a toy for this. If you want to feel like you are fucking a woman’s ass, there is a toy for this. The Flesh light toys can help you make some of your deepest fantasies a reality.

When did the Flesh light evolution start? Well, once Steven Shubin was given a patent for the toy in 1998, the toy was then released onto the male sex toy market. I will say that many men need to thank the innovative Steve Shubin for bringing them a toy that surpasses all of their expectations.

When the Flesh light toys were first released, they actually were not marketed as male sex toys are today. Instead, they were advertised as being a product that males could use for discreet semen collection. As time progressed, the idea of a guy using a male sex toy became an everyday thing. Aside from the semen collection reasons for the toy being invented, it was also made as a safer alternative to real sex. The Flesh light toy cannot give you an STD, cause a pregnancy to occur, or force involuntary celibacy upon you.