The Mangasm Alpha And Mangasm Rush Are Great Beginner Prostate Massage Toys

The Best Beginner Prostate Massage Toys

If you have ever considered having a prostate massage done, there are probably a lot of questions that arose in your mind about this encounter. A prostate massage is a sexual encounter where you apply pressure to the prostate gland, otherwise known as the male g-spot to bring on some of the most intense orgasms you will ever experience in your life.

However, even though this activity may sound enjoyable to some, there are a lot of guys that will not think twice about giving this sexual encounter a try. Society has made the term anal prostate massage into something that it should have never become. As people begin to become more relaxed with their sexuality, and not resort to the stigmas, they are quickly realizing that a little bit of body exploration is not a bad thing.

If you are going to perform a prostate massage on yourself, it is important that you have the right equipment for the job. I’m not saying that you are going to have to do anything special, but you will need to prepare yourself for this new sexual encounter.

Several ways?

There are a lot of different ways that you can give yourself a prostate massage. One of the most popular is to use your fingers. But, if you are not comfortable with the thought of putting your fingers into your anus, there are always adult sex toys that can help you get the job done.

The Best Beginner Prostate Massage Toys

When having your first prostate masturbation session, it is important that you use sex toys that are designed for beginners. Prostate massages can be enjoyable if they are done right. It’s the guys that end up going about this entire masturbation thing wrong that end up hurting themselves in the end.

The best toys to use if you are trying to get yourself accustomed to prostate massages are your traditional butt plugs. Butt plugs will help you train your anus. You will be able to learn to get pass the feeling that you are putting something into your rear end.

Personally, I would recommend using the Mangasm Alpha or the Mangasm Rush if you are attempting to stimulate your male g-spot for the first time. Both of these toys are basic butt plugs. They have a larger top section, and a smaller midsection that curves inward to form to the interior portion of your body.

These toys apply pressure to your male g-spot, which triggers an intense orgasmic experience. If you have never seen your cock explode with cum, then you will not be prepared for how incredible you will feel after having a prostate massage. When using toys for the experience, it is important that you apply a large amount of lube to the outer surface of the product, and slowly ease it inside of your anal cavity.

Do not attempt to move the toy back and forth while it is inside of your anus, until you become comfortable with the fact that you have something inserted inside of this area of your body. When you allow your mind to let go of the stigmas that surround prostate massages you will quickly find out that this sexual encounter can be quiet enjoyable.